We’re Digital Advertising Specialists turning your advertising budget into quality new clients.
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We only focus on the advertising platforms that deliver real results and returns. Today, that means Facebook™ and Google, where our experienced specialists have been mentored by the very best in the business.
Facebook Advertising Specialists Sydney Web Profit Maximizer Innovation

Forward Thinking

We take advantage of the latest technology, putting you ahead of your competition. We were amongst the first advertising agencies to successfully utilise Facebook™ Chatbot technology for our clients.
Facebook Advertising Specialists Sydney Web Profit Maximizer Better

Problem Solvers

We’re experts at identifying better ways of doing things to get better results from your advertising. That’s why many of our clients have previously advertised, either personally or through an agency, but haven’t always had the best results.
Facebook Advertising Specialists Sydney Web Profit Maximizer Support

Customer Support

We help make sure your entire business will be able to handle the influx of clients by helping your team “behind the scenes” get ready, and by testing and tweaking your technical front end until it can handle the load.

“We tripled our new patients and had record breaking months each month”

– Dr Rob Demartino, Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Trainer

Our Story

My name is Dr. Adam Arnold and I’m the founder of Web Profit Maximizer.

I have over 20 years experience starting and running highly successful health-related businesses. So what does a health practitioner know about marketing?

In order to grow my businesses, I started learning about online marketing back in the year 2000. This learning process has grown to encompass over 17 years of studying, testing and successfully implementing the latest digital advertising techniques from some of the best mentors in the world.

Today, Web Profit Maximizer is based in Sydney, Australia and has a global team of digital advertising specialists, all passionate about helping you achieve your goals and maximize your profits.

Dr Adam Arnold Facebook Advertising Specialist
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