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Dr. Rob Demartino
Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Expert & Trainer

Dean Garratt has grown his business to over 100K per year with the help of web profit maximizer. They are generating quit smoking clients for his hypnosis business which allows Dean to focus on his customers rather than his marketing. If your wanting to grow your business with Facebook™ ads give Web Profit Maximizer a call.

Dean Garratt


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Alia Jenkins

Office Manager Superior Health Solutions

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Nick Terrone
Quit Smoking Hypnosis Expert

Hi my name is Joyce Ong and I run a photography and videography company here in Sydney. So last month I was looking at an empty calendar I didn't have any bookings and I was kind of worried about how it's going to pay all the expenses.

So what I did was I reached out to Adam Arnold from Web Profit Maximizer. So Adam helped me create a Facebook ad which we launched on the very same day within two hours I had about 8 inquiries come in and within the week my whole entire month was pretty much fully booked not only that I've just looked back on the numbers from last month and we actually had a record month we did a total of $23,500 just from that one Facebook guide that Adam help me create.

Now I have just launched my second Facebook ad with Adam himself and it's already reached about 9,000 views and I'm really looking forward to the results of that as well. So thank you very much Adam Arnold from Web Profit Maximizer.

Joyce Ong

Photographer and Videographer

Luke Hawkins Peak Performance Coach

Adam has been really helpful. Before I spoke with Adam I was struggling to get leads for my business and didnt know what to do. With Adam’s help I was able to get 7 leads in 2 days which I think is absolutely phenomenal. This has Now produced great business for me. He is kind, honest, reliable and really cares that You succeed. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to build their business! Thanks Adam!